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Dahm vocals
Todd Cook bass
David Christian Pajo guitar
Michael McMahan guitar
Tony Bailey drums

Dead Child is a heavy metal band from Louisville, KY. The members that make up Dead Child are not strangers to one another. Rather, they are five old friends whose lives have musically intersected each other's for years.

The band wrote one song: the driving, old school metal anthem "Never Bet the Devil Your Head". They performed this song for the DVD series Burn to Shine, produced by Fugazi's Brendan Canty.

Dead Child's first release was a five song, self-titled EP recorded at Chris Owen's (Lords) studio in Louisville, KY for Cold Sweat Records. Their debut CD/LP, entitled Attack, will be out on April 8, 2008 on Quarterstick / Touch & Go Records. Engineered, mixed and produced by Brad Wood at Downtown Recording Studios in Louisville, Kentucky, Attack is a 48 minute heavy metal masterpiece!

Dead Child are planning on touring extensively in the United States and Europe in Spring and Summer of 2008. Stay tuned for more updates!